Lead Abatement Services


Safetech, Inc. is the Billings, Montana lead abatement contractor to call for all lead abatement jobs. Lead paint exposure can cause serious health problems, especially as lead paint breaks down and begins to chip off and flake. Lead paint must either be completely removed using EPA guidelines, or encapsulated, so it no longer poses a hazard.


Lead Paint Removal Rules

The EPA has established new rules regarding lead paint and they apply to all houses and buildings built before 1978. Certified lead abatement contractors must follow strict regulations removing lead based paint during renovations or demolitions. Safetech, Inc. of Montana is certified and qualified to do such projects.


We Follow EPA Guidelines

Since lead exposure is particularly dangerous to children under six years old, the new EPA guidelines particularly apply to what the agency calls child occupied facilities. Child occupied facilities are all buildings, public or private, where children under six may be present. This includes schools, day care facilities, hospitals, and other institutions where children may be present. You may check the regulations here, http://www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/renovation.htm, if you are unsure of your situation.


Safetech, Inc of Billings, Montana has the experience and capability to handle big lead abatement jobs in public and private schools, but happily bids jobs in private homes and day care facilities. Experienced estimators at Safetech can answer all of your lead abatement questions, and make the removal process as quick and painless as possible. Contact Safetech, Inc. for all of your lead abatement jobs.