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Safetech Inc, one of Montana's leading asbestos abatement contractors, was established in 1991. Safetech Inc. specializes in asbestos removal, lead abatement services, mold remediation, and mechanical insulation services. Safetech, Inc. has completed hundreds of abatement contracts through-out a six state area, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, and Colorado.



Safetech, Inc. holds licenses to do Asbestos Removal in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, and Colorado. Safetech, Inc. follows all Federal and State guidelines relating to asbestos removal and employs only specially trained and certified asbestos workers. The company’s president, Leonard Cranford has over 30 years cumulative experience in the field, and has bid and supervised many large scale asbestos removal projects through out the West. Projects include but are not limited to Universities, Public & Private Schools, Refineries, Museums, Air Force Bases, Federal Buildings, Post Offices, Commercial Building, and Residences. Safetech’s Staff are well trained and experienced and we feel confident that we can handle all of your asbestos abatement needs.

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Hazardous lead has become a big concern in recent years, and Safetech is certified to handle all lead abatement service jobs. Safetech, Inc. has extensive experience in removing Lead Paint from buildings by way of Chemical Stripping, Abrasive Blasting while under Containment, or by total removal of painted materials. Safetech, Inc. also has experience in removing Lead Dust from Indoor Shooting Ranges.


Safetech, Inc. also does mold remediation. Toxic and black mold are known to cause many health problems and must be eliminated by professionals. Safetech’s trained staff can identify mold and safely eliminate it while keeping disruption of the home or office to a minimum.



Safetech, Inc. also provides Asbestos Demolition Services.  Federal and State regulations require property owners to remove asbestos before demolition of a structure.  Asbestos Demolition and Asbestos Abatement Services in many instances go hand and hand.  Safetech’s professional abatement employees determine the safest and most cost effective method of asbestos removal and disposal and go to work. Safetech disposes asbestos and other hazardous materials at landfills approved to handle such materials.

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Once Asbestos becomes friable, or broken down and can become airborne, the area must be encapsulated so that the hazardous material can be removed immediately without spreading the fibers to other areas. Safetech has provided many emergency abatement services for Businesses, Schools, and Governmental Agencies, without disrupting the normal flow of business. Safetech maintains the highest level of professionalism and uses all of the latest equipment. Safetech can safely handle emergency situations.


Safetech, Inc. has completed hundreds of large scale commercial projects.  Here are a few images from projects we've completed. 



5735 Interstate Ave. 

Billings, MT 59101

Office: (406) 651-0011

Fax: (406) 651-0271


1571 Morehouse Ave.

Eagle, Idaho 83616

Office: (208) 450-2603

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